Building the future of modular Financial Services

When it comes to building your Fintech, you want to find the best resources possible to kickstart your business. Luckily, you can find it all in one with Baanx, as we offer one of the widest range of modular products and services in the market.

We also take care of complicated affairs behind the scenes, such as compliance and technology, meaning you can focus more on building your brand and customer base.

Try one of our API modules today, or our all-in-one white label solution.

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Moving money around the world is expensive, slow, and never easy. We aim to make it fast, transparent, and low cost. And with a few lines of code, you can add this functionality to any mobile or web app.

Money Remittance & Textbit

Compliance (as a Service)

You have enough things to worry about when launching new FinTech services. Compliance doesn't have to be one of them. We have the teams, tech as well as the policies and procedures, so we take the risk.

KYC & AML, Fraud Prevention, Transaction Monitoring & Investigation

Digital Assets

Faster to implement, more secure, and at lower operating costs, we work with our customers to provide the right set of services - from lowering the cost of banking related transactions, to new business models leveraging your customer bases, with unprecedented speed to market.

Digitize Your Assets
Digital and Fiat Wallets
OTC/Buy and Sell