Digitizing Assets

As the world goes digital, we supply top products
and services to help you digitise and
trade your assets.

Digitised Assets, Exchanges and Tokenization

Whether you want to digitise oil, gold, real estate, stocks & bonds or any other asset, Baanx can help. We provide the backbone, infrastructure and knowledge to get you into the digital world fast and efficiently.

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From wallets and secure cold storage to smart contracts and tokenization, Baanx has all the latest products to successfully launch you into the digital world.

Your benefits

Fast time to market.
All products are fully compliant.
We work with multiple exchange providers to develop a product that suits your business model.
Add mobile apps, wallets, debit cards, remittance, FX from day one, or in the future.
Competitive rates by leveraging our scale.
Fully customisable and integrated into our whole suite of products, so you only pay for what you need and want.

State-of-the-art APIs

Build it from the ground up, or enhance your app with an API.

It can be integrated into your App, or our stand alone, white label app.

Sample endpoint of our API
Post /person
Post /person/:person_id/identifications

Start building your digital FinTech Services today!

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