Debit Cards

Launch personalised debit cards tailored to your brand.

Your Card. Your Brand.

Create and launch personalised debit cards that truly showcase your brand, with no monthly card fees for you or your customers.

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Cutting out the complications

We take care of all the compliance and regulation behind the scenes, so you can focus on developing your brand and giving your customers a world-class digital experience.

Your benefits

Top global currencies available.
Flexible - Choose, which currencies or digital assets you want to spend, and in what order, in real time, in your app.
Create a simple and stylish platform, without any confusing UI or UX.
Fully licensed and compliant for major global card schemes.
Fast and API-driven distribution, so you can implement your app in days. We can also launch a fully branded white label app specifically designed just for your brand.
Add TextBit to offer quick and easy remittance for users.

State-of-the-art APIs

Build it from the ground up, or enhance your app with an API.

Deploys in days. Also a white label, stand alone mobile app version for Apple and Google Play Stores worldwide.

Sample endpoint of our API
Post /person
Post /person/:person_id/identifications

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