Debit Cards

Many Currencies, Global deployment. Physical & Virtual Cards

Bespoke debit cards with your own branding

Launch your personalized (co-branded) card in 8 weeks with with no monthly card fee for you or your users. It is possible to launch a 5 multi-currency BIN, meaning Spot price (no FX fee = 0% fee to spend) for spending in 5 currencies (USD, CNY, JPY, GBP, EUR. Ask us about others coming soon).

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Your Card. Your Brand.

100% managed service- we take care of all compliance & regulation, tech stack, L2 support, so you can focus on marketing and giving your customers a world class digital experience. 

A new revenue stream that will add mobile features to increase the loyalty, lower churn, to your users.

Your benefits

Top global currencies available
Flexible - Choose, which currencies or digital assets you want to spend, and in what order, in real time, in your app.
Global - can be deployed to your customer base globally through our partners - USA, EU, UK, Austral-Asia, MENA, Africa.
Fully licensed and compliant for major global card schemes.
Deploys Fast - API driven so you can implement in your app, in days. Or we can launch a fully branded white label app to your brands specifications. Native iOS and Android, 195+ countries.
Remittance - add TextBit for inter-bank rate remittance to anyone in your users contact list, with a few clicks. Help your app go viral.

The state-of-the-art API

Build it from the ground up....or add the API to your existing App.

Deploys in days.  Also a white label, stand alone mobile app version for Apple and Google Play Stores worldwide

Sample endpoint of our API
Post /person
Post /person/:person_id/identifications

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