Digital and Fiat Wallets

The right balance between security and accessibility.

Centralised Wallets

Our wallets are an ideal balance between security and accessibility - enabling your customers to move assets seamlessly and reliably through a RESTful API.

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We use Bitgo’s multi-signature security, multi-user policy controls and advanced security configurations. Our wallets are accessible via native web interface or API, making them ideal for fully white-labelled wallet applications and products. We handle all security, including cold storage (insured), KYC & AML, upgrades, adding new digital assets/tokens as they become available and all transaction monitoring. Our wallets are centralised for password resetting and based on leading HSMs.

We can also integrate our core Baanx APIs into almost any wallet environment. These features include:

- Creation of multi-signature wallets
- Wallet balance and transaction listing
- Transaction creation and signing
- Transaction monitoring and notifications
- Secure user authentication
- Multi-user workflows for use in enterprise environments
- Policies and spending limits
- Support for hundreds of coins
- Email alert system that allows operator to be notified of deposits and withdrawals
- 24/7 support
- Direct deposit to cold storage
- Integrated support for Bitgo, Trezor, Ledger and Curv wallets
- Risk management and velocity controls

Your benefits

Super secure.
Holds all major digital and fiat currencies.
Fast and easy to deploy.
Completely customisable.
Robust RESTful API and client SDK to integrate digital currency wallets with your application.
Fast and fluid deposits/withdrawal of all digital assets.

State-of-the-art APIs

Build it from the ground up, or enhance your app with an API.

Sample endpoint of our API
Post /person
Post /person/:person_id/identifications

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