What is it like to be a Senior HR executive

Employee story - KIRSTIE

Tell us about yourself ✍️ (your name, your role, location, studies, hobbies/interests)

Hi, my name is Kirstie Cartledge and I am the Senior HR Executive here at Baanx! I am from the UK and based in the East Midlands :) 

I have worked for Baanx since the beginning, from when there were only 10 of us sitting in an office to now being all over the world. Crazy!

My hobbies include going on family walks with my family and our dog Diva! My home life consists of looking after my baby boy who is almost 9 months old. When I get a chance in my spare time, I enjoy playing on my Nintendo Switch and playing Animal Crossing :D

Describe your typical day at Baanx 💻

Well.... my typical day at Baanx is making sure everyone is happy in what they are doing and making sure all the staff are onboarded correctly and are happy in what they are doing. I also help with policy documentation and procedures and making sure we are up to date with all the employee regulations.

What do you love about being a Senior HR Executive  at Baanx? 😎

I love that I get to know all the employees and help them to achieve their goals within their job role and support them in any way I can :) 

I have major organization skills and I LOVE that I have been able to organize everyone's documents as they may have not been so organized before I moved into the HR role ;) haha

I also enjoy helping to write policies and procedures and rolling them out to all the staff! 

What was the most exciting project you have been part of? 💥

I have been involved in many projects while working at Baanx!! The biggest one I have been a part of has to be the customer service side of our company. We have employed more than 10 employees so far and are looking to hire so many more! I would say that in the years to come, the customer service team will be the biggest! We have just opened a new office in Lisbon, Portugal for our customer support team. This is where a lot of our hires will be and we will have a mixture of different cultures there! Perhaps even people that are looking for a change or relocation and want to move to Lisbon could join our customer service team out there. Our Lisbon office is in a stunning location right near the sea with plenty of little coffee shops, supermarkets and amazing restaurants! Sounds like a dream…right? 

I am really excited to be helping and watching the bussiness grow to what could be 100’s of employees across the world! 

What's the best advice you have received? 👏

Best advice...hmmmm. I think it would be slow down, you don't have to do everything in one day! 

Pizza with or without pineapples? 🍕

100% no pineapple. But what about tomato ketchup in or out of the fridge? ;)