What is it like to be a Quality Assurance Engineer at Baanx?

Tell us about yourself ✍️ (your name, your role, location, studies, hobbies/interests)

Hi! My name is Vadim Kostitsyn and I'm the Quality Assurance Engineer. I'm currently located in Tbilisi, Georgia, and working fully remotely. As for studies, I have a Master's degree in Applied Informatics.

About my interests - first of all this is football, which accompanies me all my life. My favourite team is Tottenham Hotspur from North London, and a childhood dream, visiting a home match, remains relevant to this day. I also like playing it both outdoors and in FIFA.

As for the rest, I like photography (both digital and film), building my own city in Cities: Skylines, playing League of Legends on evenings, and, of course, music (already have a small vinyl collection, but nothing special - indie/pop/rock releases from 00s-10s).

Describe your typical day at Baanx 💻

My day usually starts with checking Jira for new tasks and looking for updates on tickets I'm currently working on.

Then comes the daily meetings. As a QA engineer, I take part in several meetings for different project teams - to be aware of the daily priorities of each team.

After scope of work for the day is planned, the direct work of QA begins. Sometimes you spend all day on a call with a developer to test one huge new feature in detail, and the next day you may work alone on a huge amount of fresh, tasty UI issues, only creating new bug tickets one by one...

The QA team grows very fast, so sometimes you need to focus on internal QA support - assisting new members with onboarding and learning the features of various projects.

What do you love about being a Quality Assurance Engineer at Baanx? 😎

Known fact is that the largest part of QA work is not the testing of features itself, but the clarification of requirements - how features exactly need to work. Often this is expressed in the search for the right person or reference article - so, in this regard, Baanx is the best place I have ever worked.

Everybody here is open to communicate, so you don't feel any stress asking anybody - you always know that you'll get the answer and it really motivates you to be productive and justify trust.

And, of course, the best part of work - marking the ticket as "Test Passed". Applause, gratitude, universal respect.

What was the most exciting project you have been part of? 💥

I started working at the beginning of 2022, but I already see that our main project, Ledger, could be the turning point in Baanx's growth. I see the unity with which the team is approaching the launch of this project - it makes you feel like a part of something important.

When you work on a project like this day after day and see how it gets better - bugs disappearing, how new features are constantly being added and how development plans are only getting bigger - it gives a feeling that your work matters.

What's the best advice you have received? 👏

This may be mainstream, but it’s brilliant and simple:

"Treat others as you would like others to treat you".

Due to the fact that QA work is mostly about communication, this rule will never lose its relevance.

Pizza with or without pineapples? 🍕

With. I am glad that I was born a person who takes it easy and can just eat it calmly, ignoring the screams and looks of disgust.