What 2021 holds for Baanx | Baanx

January 15, 2021

We started 2020 with a mission to disrupt the traditional banking ecosystem - a goal that now feels closer than ever. But, 2021 is our most ambitious year yet. Between increasing our core team, building new and diverse partnerships and improving our products, we plan to continue our disruption of traditional financial infrastructure and change the way people think about fintech. 

So, how do we plan to do this? 

New partnerships 

Back in 2020, we solidified our partnership with Tezos, which will be live within the coming weeks. We’re also continuing to support  Akoin, bringing digital currency to the forefront of consumers’ minds, as well as increasing financial accessibility in the regions that will benefit from it the most. Baanx will be providing support in the areas of compliance, KYC/AML and operations, Akoin can concentrate on providing innovative services to its token holders.

We will also be continuing to deliver interesting partnerships throughout 2021. 

Six new card programmes 

We’re kicking off 2021 with the launch of six new card programmes, including the three big exchanges, as well as the aforementioned Akoin card. Earlier in 2020, we provided strategic support in developing Verium Lab’s bespoke app. This project will also be live in the coming weeks. 


Back in 2020, we doubled our core team and launched our USA sales team, who are already helping us achieve our ambitious plans for 2021. 

As part of this ambition, we will continue to grow our acquiring network ensuring our clients more opportunities to obtain crypto and services. This development is essential for our strategic growth in 2021. 

User Improvements 

“Baanx believes in breaking down the barriers to entry that we see across the sector. That is why we are offering these incredibly low fees when new users buy digital assets on our app. We want people to look at digital currencies for their fungibility and their potential for seamless value transfer – not just as a financial product. That’s the major issue with high entry fees! We cannot expect people to treat BTC, LTC or any other virtual currency like cash when it is costing them a 5% margin.” - Baanx CEO, Garth Howat.

We’ve always had one major consumer goal: to make digital currency easy to use in the real world. We’ve taken the time to research and understand how to really deliver digital currency in an accessible way. Knowing that millennials largely prefer mobile, we introduced a suite of mobile applications. This included our SMS to SMS funds transfer, which enables users to send cryptocurrency free of charge to their friends and contacts. 

This year, we plan to increase our presence in finance-related events. As well as continuing our ambitious plans to deliver not only new consumer facing products, but to improve and hone our existing assets. We will also be focusing on adding new global licenses, so that our customers have the ability to make transactions anywhere in the world.

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