Baanx - The Future of Fintech

December 14, 2020

Meet Baanx. The future of fintech. 

Baanx is creating the future of financial services. Our API platform enables our customers to disrupt the traditional banking sphere like never before with digital products consumers value. 

Customers are hungry for innovation, but traditional banks aren’t supporting most digital assets. This presents a once in a generation opportunity for new entrants to this once impregnable segment. Baanx is taking advantage of this and has the ambition to be a leading, global infrastructure fintech solution.

Our Story

Back in 2018, our founders spotted a gap in the traditional fintech and banking sector. A digital asset-friendly B2B2C fintech platform - offering key services across issuing, remittance, acquiring and digital assets within mobile apps, through APIs to the open market.

The digital asset financial services world is currently estimated at $60B. Baanx has had three rounds of funding so far, providing a total investment of a large eight-figure amount already - including Tezos, also a major global FX provider, and a West European government. 

How we work

Baanx builds services with our customers, not just for them. We are partners for life, aiming to create huge value and success by both disrupting and improving the world of financial services in which we operate. We are determined to learn from our customers, providing new and innovative APIs to add value to your fintech services. We are built on DLT, blockchain, automation and AI - which are more efficient, faster and better than traditional banking. Our belief in digital assets and the technology behind them led us to this point; creating the bridge between the old and the new and enabling a new breed of fintech platforms created with trust and the global market in mind.

Using our core, API-driven infrastructure, we offer a rapid route to market for fintech services with one of the widest range of modular products and services on the market. Our pricing model is extremely competitive, focused on long term partnerships to build value together.

Baanx’s 100% managed services means that we take care of compliance, licensing and technology. Allowing you to focus on building your brand and customer base. We believe that our customers should be able to focus on their core business, while we support them from behind the scenes to add value. We know that you have enough to worry about when launching new fintech services. 

We offer all-in-one solutions and singular API modules within mobile apps so that you can pick and choose APIs that fit your business model. By tailoring APIs to your customer base, you add value and desirability to your fintech solutions. 

How we help businesses


Moving money around the world is expensive, slow, and never easy. We aim to make it fast, transparent, and low cost. And with a few lines of code, you can add this functionality to any mobile or web app.


Compliance can be time-consuming and arduous, but it doesn't have to be a burden. We have the teams and tech to support you, as well as policies and procedures in place to protect you. This way, you can focus on building your business, and we’ll take the risk. 


Tezos, the market-leading blockchain banking technology provider, is a part-owner of Baanx Group, along with a major FX Bank, a Consumer Lending firm, as well as VC’s, Family Offices, and a collection of fintech entrepreneurs. This is testament to the rapid growth and compelling opportunity the Baanx platform offers to assist the rapid growth of businesses in this space.

The future

By 2022 we expect to turn our existing ten high profile customers into 50, and rapidly expand into new markets. Our API platform has the ability to aid some of the fintech space’s most well known and reputable brands and companies in expanding their product offerings and client bases. 

Traditional banking isn’t adapting to the modern world as quickly as it should, meaning small, agile companies have the ability to act as disruptors and gain a solid and loyal consumer base for the first time in a century. High street banks are no longer the only option, and with Baanx’s digital assets and APIs, online fintech solutions are now able to offer more than traditional banks. 

Want to understand how Baanx can help you improve growth? Have a chat with one of the team.