How Baanx Met Ledger

Get ready, because we're about to launch something extraordinary. Trust us, you won't want to miss this…

In case you haven’t heard, we’ve teamed up with Ledger to develop the launch of the CL card powered by Ledger - a brand new, game-changing cryptocard that’s just around the corner!

The CL card is operated by Baanx and integrated with Ledger’s ecosystem. Put together, this gives you a whole range of cardholder benefits. Enjoy seamless crypto spending with instant conversion to fiat, access to stablecoin liquidity and more!

Join the waiting list to get your very own today! You’ll also be in with a chance to get your physical card for free when you refer your friends.

But how did Baanx and Ledger meet in the first place? All stories have a beginning, and this one starts with our very own Safron Cartledge - the Senior Business Development Executive at Baanx.

At first, Safron had little knowledge about cryptocurrency, the market or the companies within the space and had only been with Baanx for two months. As she was going about her day-to-day tasks and finding new leads for companies, Safron soon discovered Ledger - a company whose name was frequently mentioned for being one of the top crypto businesses out there.

As Safron was new to the company at the time, she didn’t fully realise just how big of a deal Ledger was. That is, until she found out that they were one of the biggest names in the industry. Thanks to her hard work and the sales team’s fantastic communication skills, we soon sealed the deal and our work with Ledger began.

We first met with the Head of Payments and Fraud Management. We first discussed who we are, including our ultimate mission to bridge the gap between DeFi and traditional finance. We also talked about what Ledger was looking for as a client, and what they aimed to bring to their users. They had some great ideas that we felt we could add value to, and shared our vision of bringing crypto cards into the Web3 era.

But despite the excitement, there were some obstacles that we had to overcome. The main issue we faced was how we could develop a product that would allow Ledger users to easily transfer funds from Ledger Live and Nano into the CL system. 

However, through teamwork and collaboration, we were able to come up with a simple user-friendly design, almost a one-click transfer solution. We also looked at how we could enhance this solution by adding new features into the CL interface that would provide a great user experience. 

So, there you have it. Since our first initial meeting with Ledger, we’ve been continuously working together to develop the CL card, and we’re looking forward to finally launching it to our users. Plus, don’t forget that you can get early access to the card by signing up to the waiting list!