What is it like to be a Customer Operations Team Leader at Baanx?

Tell us about yourself ✍️ 

My name is Carlos and I'm the Customer Operations Team Leader at Baanx. I live in Liverpool and I'm currently studying for my BSc in Economics and Mathematical Sciences. When I'm not studying or finding out about new and exciting crypto projects you will find me cooking or reading a good dystopian novel.

Describe your typical day at Baanx 💻

The first thing I do is check in on my amazing team and reply to any messages on slack. After that every day is different! Customer Operations is rapidly expanding so I try to divide my time between training staff, recruitment and special projects.

What do you love about being a Customer Operations Team Leader at Baanx? 😎

I work with some amazing people and love teaching my team more about the world of crypto. I also get to work on some really exciting projects which would, in most companies, be outside my job role.

What was the most exciting project you have been part of? 💥

I'm currently working on a project which will make the CL Card available in further locations as part of our partnership with Ledger. I had never worked in card operations before and this has been a really rewarding experience.

I would say that I learnt a lot about what happens in the background to set up a new card programme - a lot of work has to be done to ensure we are compliant with all local legislations and programme requirements. This has been particularly challenging but also very rewarding.

What's the best advice you have received? 👏

Slow down. When you first become a team leader you are suddenly responsible for making sure all these other humans are happy and have everything they need to do a great job. This can be really overwhelming but if you don't take care of yourself it's harder to care for others.

Pizza with or without pineapples? 🍕

With! There is nothing quite like that combination of salty cheese and sweet pineapple.