Cryptobites with Baanx - Tezos Crypto Life AMA

Our last Cryptobites with Baanx Twitter Space revolved around answering questions from our community about BXX and the Baanx ecosystem. We were happy to receive a positive response from our community, so we’ve decided to run one more AMA next week.

This time, we’re going to focus the discussion on the Tezos Crypto Life App. We’ll be discussing its benefits for XTZ holders, features, BXX’s role in it and its meaning for the Baanx ecosystem in general. We will be unlocking the value of knowledge of what Tezos CL is and how crypto holders can benefit from it. 

We’ve also got another secret giveaway planned, so if you missed the last one, here’s your chance to get your hands on our new mystery prize!

What is Tezos Crypto Life?

Tezos Crypto Life is an app that we have developed with Tezos - one of our earliest investors. The TCL app allows users to buy, sell and exchange a range of cryptocurrencies with no hidden fees. 

It also offers Fixed Term Cryptodrafts, which gives users 50% of the value of the Tezos wallet, with interest rates starting at 0%. Users can also control the length of their Cryptodraft and the amount they want to borrow, and can withdraw their collateral whenever they want for free.

Our discussion will be based again on your very own inquiries about the Tezos CL App. So if you haven’t visited the Tezos Crypto Life website, or haven’t downloaded the App, and explored its functions yet, you still have some time left! 

How do I participate?

All you have to do is join our Discord channel and post your question in the #ama thread. Members can only post one question per entry.

And following our good ol' Twitter Space tradition, our hosts will be giving away a secret prize to one lucky winner among those who posted the questions. 

Join us this Wednesday!

As always, we’ll be waiting for you on Wednesday May 11th at 10AM (GMT) on Twitter Space, ready to go through all the challenging questions you want to ask about the Tezos CL App to give you the power of knowledge and advantage in crypto.

We hope to see you there!