Cryptobites with Baanx - All about BXX

April 19, 2022

Are you ready for the full scoop on this week’s Cryptobites with Baanx?

We’re going to be shining the spotlight on BXX - our native token of the Baanx platform. We’ll be discussing its role in powering our ecosystem, as well as its potential for future development.

Joining us is our very own George Garrett- the Product Manager at Baanx, who will be talking about his role in the company, including his work behind BXX and other Baanx products.

Since this episode is all about BXX, it only seems fitting that we make it this week’s grand prize. All you have to do is drop your questions in our Telegram chat (@Baanx_BXX) or Twitter, and you’ll be in with the chance to win 50 BXX if your question is selected. Three winners will be chosen - good luck!

Meet George Garrett

George is just one of our amazing Product Managers at Baanx and one of the longest serving members of the team, who has had multiple roles within the business during its growth. His typical day-to-day responsibilities include researching requirements for new products, working with designers and developers to build and refine products and meeting with clients to discuss the latest developments.

George has seen the business grow tremendously since starting his career - from just three staff members in the small Sheffield office when we first launched, to where we are today with over 100 Baanxsters across the globe!

Based in South Yorkshire, United Kingdom, George is completely obsessed with all things crypto, NFT and like all Englishmen, FOOTBALL! 

Join us this Wednesday!

Make sure to set your reminders and fire up your questions - we’ll be live on Twitter Space on April 20th at 10AM (GMT).