About us

We believe Digital Asset based Financial Services are at
just 5% of their market potential.

We’re launching the next 95%.

Traditional banking systems aren’t supporting most digital assets yet. This gives new entrants a whole new opportunity to introduce unique and game-changing services to the financial industry. Our goal is to be the one who powers them.

We build your business with you, not just for you - working together to both improve and disrupt the financial world. We are built on DLT, blockchain, automation and AI, which are much faster and more efficient than traditional fintech and banking. We strive to create a bridge between the old and new, bringing new kinds of unique and leading-edge Fintech platforms.

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Our Story

Before Baanx’s launch, our founders were working across Lending, Fintech and leading Banking companies - both listed and private - with great success. However, our passion for blockchain technology left us looking for something which could offer vast improvements to both fintech and banking sectors.

It was in 2018 when it finally hit us. After successful careers across UBS, Mastercard, Gemalto, Commerzbank and others, we realised the first step in our vision - to launch a digital asset friendly B2B2C platform that offers first-rate services across acquiring, issuing, remittance and digital assets through mobile apps and APIs.

Since then, the journey has been immense. We’ve had three rounds of funding so far, leading to a tremendous eight figure amount in investments, including major global FX provider Tezos and a West European government.

But we’re not stopping there. The future of Baanx is massive, with the aim to transform market leaders into full-blown digital Fintechs with our unique infrastructure, whether through APIs or launching white label mobile apps.Are you ready to take this journey with us?

Are you ready to take this journey with us?

Built with trust

Baanx Group is partly owned by Tezos, a leading blockchain technology provider. We’re also partnered with a major FX bank and a consumer leading firm, as well as VC’s, Family Offices and a collection of Fintech entrepreneurs.

This is testament to the rapid growth and compelling opportunity the Baanx platform offers to help advance industry-leading businesses.

Our Team

100+ Years of International mobile and bank tech experience - mobile banking, Ripple, e-wallets, smart cards, trading software, HSMs, payments, FX, and digital security.

Garth Howat
Founded Consumer Lending & Fintech businesses. Successful entrepreneur for the last 15 years. Financial Conduct Authority approved in the UK.
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Mark Evans
25+ yr. in corporate/CFO positions - CommerzBank, UBS, JP Morgan.
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Sean Salloux
In 1999, Launched World’s 1st e- wallet on a card in Korea for MasterCard with Korean and Japanese banks. Mobile and digital product launches for Gemalto, Master Card, Worldremit, etc.
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Jim Yang
20+ years in development, managing development teams. FinTech, mobile, retail. Degree53, Apple.
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