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Decentralisation & Values

We are "Open Source, Open Access & Open Ownership". At Baanx.com we are far more than 1 Cryptobank owned by 1 person. Decentralisation isn't just a word for us; qualified entities can create Cryptobanks in days, not years and don't need $15m+ to get a Bank License, but share ours!

Mobile Cryptobank Platform

Mobile Platform brings Crypto to daily use. Crypto & Fiat accounts link a virtual payment card for Apple & Android Mobile Pay. Customer Crypto & Fiat Accounts insured for non-fault loss like Traditional Banks. One click "Price Lock" to lock in current Crypto price. 2019 Savings, Loans & Investment functions.

Branded Cryptobank Network

Branded Cryptobank startups from well known, trusted brand names drive customer networks to daily Cryptocurrency use. Fast Network scaleability with Baanx Platform at its heart. BXX Token Holders receive up to 20% of Network Transaction revenues across all Brands as weekly BXX bonus. Network attracts millions of customers fast.

Cryptocurrency Use Explosion

With up to $10 trillion per annum predicted for Cryptobanks in the coming decade Baanx.com is in a great position to scale fast, with decentralised ownership sharing this revenue amongst many. Cryptobank brands share licenses, started within days not years. Known brands create customer trust and explosion in Baanx Cryptobank use.

Cutting Edge Services

Baanx.com rolling out phased services 2018 onward. Crypto Exchange, Crypto & Fiat Mobile Payment Services, Insured Fiat & Crypto Account Wallet, Loans, Savings, Credit Cards, Investments, Business Banking and with Open Source Development of Financial Services Applications there will be Financial Apps for every need.

Cryptobank Network Funding

We are more than just 1 Cryptobank. Baanx offers Cryptobank startups the funding for their customers, as well as bank license sharing. Easy and cost-effective to start a Cryptobank brand and develop fast with no initial staff. When grow large then can use own funding and separate away, though BXX Token Holders retain an interest for Network Transaction revenues.

BXX Revenue Bonus

BXX token is vital in the Baanx.com ecosystem and expect high demand on secondary markets from all Cryptobank brands and customers too. BXX Token Holders might get a bonus from all Cryptobank brand customers (this is not to be relied on, this is a utility token only). Possible example = €10,000 bought Pre-Sale = 133,333 BXX (15% share of transaction revenue). €5m weekly net transaction revenue = €1m for BXX / 1.25billion = €106.67 per week. €5,546.65 per year payable in BXX as a bonus.

Use Cases & Trading

Baanx.com branded cryptobanks have huge numbers of use cases. The creation of customer portfolios of account holders, crypto exchange users, investors, asset backed lending, micro-lending, credit cards, business banking, payment users can be sold to other Baanx Cryptobanks for BXX – trading of assets between Cryptobank brands.

Baanx.com Accessibility

Easy Mobile Access for all Cryptobank end Customers to bring Cryptocurrency use into daily, convenient life and build a network to rival Traditional Banking. Easy Access to start for Baanx.com Cryptobank brand owners and a huge number of highly attractive planned modules to build Cryptobanks with fully managed, automated, AI (robo advisors) led services. Open Source API allows Financial App Developers to grow new Services Fast on Baanx.


Baanx is not just delivering cutting edge services to bank customers, bringing together Cryptocurrency & Fiat Banking in one easy to use place. Baanx turns Bank ownership on its head, instead of 2 years and $15-$20m in funds needed to start a Cryptobank, qualified entities can start their Cryptobank on Baanx. Its easy to setup, no staff are required, all back office is managed - they just need to worry about promoting it and growing it in a market expected to grow to huge levels in the coming years.


Baanx.com Goals

  • €2.5 mlns

    • Licences Singapore & Sweden within 1 week
    • Mobile Alpha Release Baanx.com (branded)
    • Desktop Alpha Release Baanx.com (branded)
    • Crypto Exchange Alpha Release
    • Crypto & Fiat Wallet (Smart Contract / Multisig)
    • Secure, reliable releases
    • Select Online Brands service go-live
  • €5 mlns

    • Crypto merchant payment service
    • NFC payments, mobile (Android)
    • Instant Exchange Fiat to Crypto
    • Instant Exchance Crypto to Fiat
    • Open Integration with Apps
    • 50 Self-Branded Entities go-live
  • €12 mlns

    EU License
    • Bank Licence EU, minimum liquidity achieved
    • Automation of Back-Office operations
    • Deposit, Micro-Lending, loans & Credit Checking
    • Fiat & Crypto merchant fast settlement on payment
    • 250 Self-Branded Baanx.com entities go-live
  • €26 mlns

    • Point-of-Sale Lending
    • Lower costs on payments, settlements
    • Savings Accounts with APR
    • Bonus implementation for payments
    • 600 Self-Branded Baanx.com cryptobanks
  • €38 mlns

    UK License
    • UK Bank Licence
    • OpenAPI complete access, loans, payments, investments, transactions
    • Asset backed / Secured lending
    • AI Back-Office Operations with full management
    • Managed cryptobank marketing
    • Brokerage, Wealth & Private Banking
    • 1000 Self-Branded Baanx.com cryptobanks
  • €51 mlns

    US License
    • US Bank Licence
    • Scaled lending activities
    • Business Banking
    • Digital Credit Card & Crypto Credit Card launch
    • Increased services, hedging, secure buy, escrow
    • Service & platform growth, increased independency & stability
    • Increased numbers of Self-Branded Baanx.com cryptobanks
  • €62.5 mlsn ICO HardCap

    ICO Hardcap
    • Business lending
    • AI credit scoring
    • Full back-office AI & automation development
    • Increased Branded Credit Card levels – very high black card limit
    • Integrations with further blockchain projects
    • Largest cryptobank customer portfolio under network brands
    • International expanding cryptobank network

BXX Tokens

Uses for BXX

Hold tokens, receive Bonuses for BAANX BXX Success

Sell, use or Trade tokens

You can use BXX within Baanx,com and/or sell BXX at any listed exchange post-ICO completion

BXX Utility Tokens used for:

  • 100 Crypto-Financial Services Brands Released (many existing known brands who are reaching out to their existing customer base). Brands will be Sharing our Bank Licenses and all planned release within the first 12 months post-ICO

  • 100 Crypto-Financial Services Brands Offering their Customers Payments. BAANX BXX Powering Payments to merchants through mobile, 0.1%-0.5% cost per transaction always charged in only BAANX BXX driving demand.

  • Savings interest, Investment returns, Loan interest and capital payable/repayable in BXX, increasing demand for BAANX BXX 

  • Baanx.com Cryptobanks trade assets, customers, brand followings in BXX using smart-contracts

  • BAANX BXX needed to open a Baanx.com Cryptobank and all Profits paid to all Crypto-Financial Services Brands in BAANX BXX

  • BAANX BXX is purchasable (post-ICO) on both the BAANX system and on External Exchanges as a Utility Token.

ICO Pre-Sale Details

Register to participate! :

Pre-Sale starts on the 8th April 2018 at 1pm UTC

Symbol :


Quantity :

8% Tokens available at Pre-Sale, 100 million BAANX Coin

How to participate :

Join the Baanx Revolution and Remove the Traditional Bank Monopoly Forever by Building the World's Largest Decentralised Ownership Cryptobank Network. Shared Ownership is the Key to Fairness and Trust, Join our Community and Change the Future Now.

PRIVATE SALE, 100M BXX - $1.5m Sold Now. Early Bird Discounts available at $50,000, $250,000, $500,000 & $1m

PRE-SALE - Join for Whitelisting Above, Receive 100BXX Bonus for Signing Up for the Whitelist, Payable at the end of the Crowdsale.

There is a 0.2ETH minimum level and no maximum, you are purchasing at a 25% discount to the ICO price.

Pre-Sale - 1 BAANX = €0.075 / $0.093 at the Pre-Sale
ICO - 1 BAANX = €0.1 / $0.125 at the ICO

TELEGRAM CHAT REACHES 12,000 JOIN HERE https://web.telegram.org/#/im?p=@Baanxcom01

Token Distribution

  • 56% ICO Crowdsales
  • 12% Reserve
  • 6.4% Advisors
  • 16% Team & Developers
  • 9.6% Bounties


25%ICO Pre-Sale
15%ICO 100m
12%ICO 100m
8%ICO 100m
5%ICO 100m
1%ICO 100m

Bounties [Bounty] Bitcointalk.org

40%Signature Campaign Bitcointalk.org
20%Telegram Campaign
10%Translation Campaign
10%Twitter Campaign
10%Blogs Campaign

Key People

Garth Howat
CEO. Garth, Howat. CEO Successful Entrepreneur, visionary, multiple businesses and FinTech Consultant. FCA Approved CF1 within the UK. Passionate about FinTech & bringing Cryptocurrencies into everyday use.

John Van Der Vos
CRO. John Van Der Vos. CRO UK FCA Approved CF1 & CF30 within online loans business. Long history in Financial Services and strong compliance knowledge. Passionate about Cryptocurrency & Cryptobank market.

Sean Salloux
Mobile Expert. MD/COO/Board & Banking, Mobile App Security expert with 25 years global tech experience in US, UK, Europe and Asia. Projects and new product launches for Master Card, Visa, Bank of America, & other banks/ FinTech in USA, Canada

Dave Campsill
Head Development. Entrepreneurial Developer with extensive track record, including working for the EU Commission and delivering financial sector development services. Passionate about Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Trading.

Lance Villaruel
Baanx.com Chief Commercial Architect. Blockchain Architect. Data Scientist, Technical & Cryptocurrency Advisor. Extensive experience within AI, Technology and Blockchain.

Ed Burnham
Head of Investor Relations at Baanx.com. Educated at Eton College with extensive track record of achievement within Investment & Networking.

Sarah Murray
Communications Manager. Extensive Marketing and Communications experience across many different commercial enterprises.

Rhys Edwards
Head of People at Baanx.com. Cryptocurrency advisor and Specialist focused on acquisition and hiring of key Banking & Cryptocurrency team.


David Drake
Top 2 ICO Bench Expert. Founder & Chairman at LDJ Capital. Baanx.com Board Advisor. Leading figure within Cryptocurrency.

Ian Scarffe
Ian Scarffe, top 3 on ICO Bench. Serial entrepreneur, investor and consultant. A leading expert in Blockchain and Crypto industries.

Sean Colopy
Technical Advisor, Co-Founder Pro-Capital Exchange. Visionary in Blockchain community, CMO at the Cryptoconomy Summit.

Karl Johannesson
Non-Executive Director. Key Advisor. Managing Partner, Executive Director Blockchain Usergroup. Extensive experience in Cryptocurrency, FinTech and Consultancy with $Billion organisations.

Victor Chow
CEO, M&A Advisor, Venture Capital leader, Entrepreneur, NAGA & ICO Advisor, Partner in Blockchain Financial Services Innovation

Benjamin Theobald
Board Advisor Micromoney International, CEO, Co-Founder and Entrepreneur with strong Marketing experience.

Jonathan Chang
Banking Advisor. ANZ Bank. COO Nauticus Blockchain, Cryptobank & Ecommerce Solutions with 300 Cryptocurrencies on their Exchange.

Bryan NG
CEO Nauticus Blockchain. Extensive Banking, Accountancy & Entrepreneurial Experience.

Michiel Triebert
Michiel Triebert. Board Advisor. CEO, Internet Entrepreneur. Financial Services experience in Europe. Extensive track record with ICO Global and valuable partner..

Janis Dzable
Janis Dzable. Crypto Investor, Trader & Specialist Advisor giving key Assistance in Eastern Europe. Strong understanding of current market.

Simon Choi
Professor Simon Choi. Legal Advisor. International Lawyer, licensed to practice in England & Wales, Hong Kong, China. Simon has been involved with more than 10 ICOs and a highly accomplished lawyer to the blockchain industry.

Max Pogorelov
Max Pogorelov. Blockchain Developer & Smart Contract Expert. Max has been integral in developing our smart contract capability and integrating this into our systems and setup.

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